The spectral lines of resolution will be equal to half the number of images collected in the recording.

Appearance and Behavior in Version 2.5 and Newer

In Version 2.5, the "Duration Type" field was removed to make the user interface easier to use. In this mode, you will always enter the "Duration" value. 

To find the number of frames, look in the bottom left-hand corner in the "Calculated Values" section:

Appearance and Behavior in Version 1.0 through Version 2.4

If the "Duration Type" is set to "Number of Frames" it will be based on the  number you entered. If the "Duration Type" is set to "Time(sec)", it will be as shown in the lower left corner under the "Calculated Values" heading.

The Number of Frames entry under the "Recording Properties" when recording in Frames:


The Number of Frames as found under the "Calculated Values" heading when acquiring for a specified time:

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