One of the biggest challenges when recording outdoors is lighting. Outside, you have access to a huge DC light source, the sun, so you would think you would have ample light. But, the sun may not always be where you want it or unblocked. On days when the sky has a scattered cloud layer, you may find yourself drifting in and out of good lighting. We had one instance where for the final shot of the day, a cloud suddenly appeared and made the shot unusable. The only solution in this case was to rerecord the video!

Even when you are outside, you may find that you need to add external lighting. Typically, overcast or mostly cloudy days will provide the most consistent even lighting. 

NEW BEHAVIOR after update to Version 2.5

Saturation Tool IconThe "Saturation Tool" (icon above as found in the Acquisition software) may also give you some insights on how much the lighting is changing in a particular scene. As the lighting changes, the saturation tool will change in real time showing you changes in the lighting patterns.

See the attached video for a sample of what you may see using the saturation tool.

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