When you use the "Move" function of Motion Explorer, all of your files are transferred from one storage drive to another. The original files are transferred to the destination and no longer reside in their original location. The description in Motion Explorer is updated with the drive letter and path of the new location.

When you use the "Export" function of Motion Explorer, all of your files are bundled into an "Export" file and an associated folder. You have the choice of deleting the raw data on the original computer or keeping both copies, the original and the exported version. If you choose to Keep the raw data, the Location shown in Motion Explorer will be the original path, not the exported path. If you choose to Delete the raw data, the entire file(s) will be deleted from the computer and inside of Motion Explorer. When you "Import" a previous export, the data will be placed back in the original Hierarchy as defined at the time of the Export.

The table below explains some of the differences between the results of a Move and an Export/Import:



Move        Export
How does the free Space change on my ADAll data is moved to external drive Delete on export will free space on ADWithout Delete - Copies exist on AD & external Drive/another computer
What can I Access from my ADOriginal recordings as shown in the ME tree
If saved, duplicate hierarchy tree and duplicate dataIf deleted, no hierarchy exists any longer on AD
How many Steps to make the transfer1 - External Drive path will be shown in ME
2 - Export from AD
 Import to Analysis Only

How does my Hierarchy look / How to keep things Organized Location changed to "D:\"
Remains the same after import
What level of my Hierarchy tree can I moveMinimum is by CollectionPick and choose recordings
What can I see at the destinationAD- original hierarchy retained
Original hierarchy following an import
Possible use casesFree up space on AD
 'Archive' with 'access'*
Archive, Completely move to Analysis Computer

Acquisition Device = "AD" * - Access speed/capabilities depend on the speed of the external drive and connection.

Motion Explorer = "ME"** Files need to be manually added to appear in a Hierarchy of Analysis Installation

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