NEW BEHAVIOR after update to Version 2.5

Use the "Export Specification" tool to change the quality and content of your MP4 exports.

New in Version 2.5 is a tool that you can use to determine the quality of the MP4 created during export. You have three choices: Low, Medium and High. High will produce the highest quality video and the largest file size. Low will result in the smallest file size and the lowest quality video. This selection determines the level of compression that is used when producing the video.

This tool also lets you determine the Video Format for the MP4. Available choices are:

Full HD (High Definition) 1920x1080

HD (High Definition) 1280x720

SD (Standard Definition) 640x480

The larger the format, the larger the size of the produced file.

The table below gives approximate file sizes for a 1 second video in each format at each quality.

High277 KB144 KB30 KB
Medium277 KB144 KB30 KB
Low215 KB141 KB30 KB

The Export Specification tool looks like this (with the Video Format and Quality lines in the green box) and will appear after clicking on the "Export Video" icon  found to the right of the Playback Bar.

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