There are several instances where you may be asked to enter your software license after the system has been running.

First, make sure that the Acquisition System or Analysis Only computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Incorrect Date and/or Time on the Acquisition Device

In some cases, the time on the computer will get out of sync. You may see a message about "The system time is not valid."

The first thing you should check is that the date and time on your computer matches the current date and time. Assuming the computer is behind, adjust the date and time. Do this by right-clicking on the date and time in the system tray and select "Adjust date/time" from the pop-up menu.

Depending on your current settings, you may have to disable the "Set time automatically" button to manually adjust the time. Sometimes, simply changing the "Set time automatically" toggle will actually correct the time.

Close and save the time then try to re-open the RDI Technologies™ Software.

  • Invalid License ID and/or Password

Typically, this is an error in entering the Password. We have even see this error throw when using cut and paste on occasion. Please try capturing the password again taking care not to include an extra space (could be the result of selecting using a double-click, thanks Microsoft!) with the characters. NOTE - The Password is NOT case sensitive, it can be entered as capitals or lower case letters.

  • Invalid Product ID

In this case, the wrong selection was made on the "Multiple License Management" window. Please see the notes below to try to help select the correct item for the License Type.

If installing any of the Iris M Motion Amplification Applications:

Use this selection ONLY when you are working with Motion Monitor as a separate license:

  • Web service call failed

The computer is not connected to the internet. Please connect using WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection and try the process again.

  • License Status Update or General Connection Error

If you are presented with the licensing screen and the License ID is already filled in, check the center bubble for "Refresh my license" and then click "Next." This should reactivate your software.

  • Loss of Credentials Completely

If you are presented with the licensing screen and the License ID is NOT filled in, please try re-entering the License ID and password that was provided with your system. Please see the article, "Where can I find the details of my software licenses?" for how to find your original credentials.

  • Missing License Path

In some cases, the software will display the message "The license could not be saved. Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\RDI\RDISystemLicense.lfx' is denied."

There are two solutions available for this:

1) Update to Version or newer by clicking on the "How do I update my Iris M™ software?" link 

2) Create the RDI folder by:

  1. Open a Windows "File Manager" window and navigate to "C:\ProgramData". - NOTE this is a Hidden Folder and you will have to select "Show hidden folders" from the "View" Ribbon Menu
  2. You should NOT see an RDI folder in this location
  3. Right-click and select "New folder"
  4. After the folder is created, rename it to "RDI"
  5. Close all open windows
  6. Try opening the RDI software again

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